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Asymmetry and Postural Help!!??


I've been a long time lifter and avid T-Nation follower for many, many years. I eventually got basic certifications to help others train to meet goals. However, I have arrived at 36 years old and am seeing some NASTY issues in asymmetrical muscle groups, lowered lifting performance and nagging pains etc. I'm desperate for some help and/or analysis to help me prioritize what should be my main training/developement/stretching 'toolbox'. I have taken several photo's to hopefully provide something that might appear to be really obvious to those here at T-Nation.

Any input, suggestions and/or help would be hugely appreciated. I can only include one photo so it's of me relaxed from the front. Back shots I have show what seems to be a shorter lower trap on my left side which is also the raised shoulder in this front shot.



I have an unrelated question, why do your pecs hang down so low? They're insanely long.


Lol. Good question. I hardly do alot of flat DB presses let alone BB benching. I would love to fill my upper 'rack' not to mention the sternal portion. I'm guessing the primary reason is lousy gene's but that's kinda hard to measure. I've done a hell of a lot of dips over the years but that's the only thing I can think of that might accentuate the 'outer/lower sweep' only look.
I wear a 32" inseam but am over 6'1".....long torso curse?? No clue >.<