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Asymmetrical Abs


Who here has asymmetrical abs, and actually likes them? i rememnber when i was in 6th grade, just starting to see abs because i lost alot of fat playing basketball, i was REALLY selfconscience mine were kind of 'off-set', thinking mine were messed up.

I remember looking at all my old action figures of Spider-Man and Batman and seeing that THOSE what were abs are suppose to look like: perfectly symmetrical. i tried stuff to fix it, until i got on the internet, realized its genetic, and couldnt. now i've grown to like them, because they ARE different, that they are very much my own. so who else likes their asymmetrical abs?


I always thought asymetrical abs were wierd. Until I saw a girl who had them.


shut the fuck up




Chucky likes you


class of 09 eh? here's a cookie for you.

I hope you're a chick. A guy at 160lbs, level 3 and 3.5 years training at that height isn't exactly respectable around here. Besides, OP in a dilemma about 'asymmetrical abs'. I mean seriously dude...come on...


Ridiculous. I can't believe guys today worry about shit like this. This is fucking pathetic.


I like my abs. Now if only I could see them...




I read through the original post, then read your reply and almost fell out of my chair laughing. My thoughts exactly.


You're more patient then me. Actually I just read the thread title, clicked immediately on reply and the words came out flying :slight_smile:


bicep-craze, i dont know where you are getting all this info, but ive only been training for about half a year now, so sorry that I'm not on the larger side yet. but i don't have a 'problem'. i was just trying to see other opinions.


There's a story here. I just know it.



so there i was, hanging inverted from my pullbar in my room....


OP.... I am disappointed.


Don't worry about it. Look at Jay Cutler's abs.... You should make it your goal to look like Jay Cutler.




I have the same problem with my knutz.


Mine are not "in line" either, kinda like Jay's.

It looks cooler imo than perfectly lined up abs.


I still have about 25 lbs to go before I can even see my abs so I am useless. I tried to "feel" myself up - but it just felt like a jelly roll.