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Nobel prize winners, presidential debates, #15 Sun Devils; Arizona State has got it goin on!

I was running around campus today watching all the chicklets/protesters! Its crazy goings ons. Tom Browkaw is short and pasty. I saw a secret service guy walking in the crowd; suit and ear piece, about 5’10, 300lbs, way wider than a door. Bet he could squat >>800lbs. I was like “hey big man”. Didnt say shit back.

How many other T-Men/Women from ASU?

I am from Az. I grew up in the small copper mining community of Globe-Miami.

I’m at ASU and beating USC is what I care about right now.


I am a sophmore at ASU right now. Where do you workout at?

Golds Gym on I-10 and Elliot until the end of NOV. and then it will be the SRC.