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Astronauts Drinking Urine


what I thought was funny was
...."We did blind taste tests of the water. Nobody had any strong objections. Other than a faint taste of iodine, it is just as refreshing as any other kind of water," NASA's lead urinary engineer Bob Bagdigian told the Daily Telegraph.

You think someone is beneath ol' Bob, thinking, "man I wish Bob would retire so I could become lead urinary engineer"



"Hi, kids, I'm Joey's dad and I am ASSISTANT urinary engineer at NASA!"


"Damn you, Bob Bagdigian!"


I was watching the shuttle launch last night and the commentator on the ground actually had some of the water that was filtered using the new filtration system. He gave it a taste test right on camera, and was making a big deal out if it, just totally hamming it up.

Anyway, I thought they were already doing this on the space station.


All the water on our planet has probably passed through some life form or other. We're all drinking urine.


yup, dinosaur urine at that


silly goose...

urine has urea, amongst other sediments.

water, when evaporated, does not


Overheard at a weekly meeting of the NASA Urinary Engineers team:

"Bob, the team was just talking and, well, we're just gonna be real honest here, Bob-- we're all tired of your pissy attitude..."


(In Peter Griffin voice)

"Yeah, that's almost as bad as when Bob Bagdigian spilled urine on Uranus..."


I thought so too. Apparently they get deliveries of water, which I thought was kind of stupid.