Astrology.....Your opinion

What is you opinion on Astrology? What do you feel is the real truth about subject?

PS:I have no religion. I am just want to understand how the community feels.


I actually meet a guy at my gym that I work at that does this. I was skeptical at first but since he didn’t charge me a lot of things he said about me are true. So, true in that it was scary. And all he really did was telling me a little about my sign which is a Sagitterus and the mythoghy of it. Do I believe in it No. But, since this person didn’t ask for money it may be true. I also think its hard to find a real astrologist most of them are scam artist.

Another thing is that I am a Chritian and the bible does say beware of the devil’s magic/work. Some Christian feel that astrology, mindreader’s, Phycics, are works of the devil. I don’t buy that though.

It’s a load of crap.

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Fitone - OH MY GOD!! Of COURSE it sounded like he described you. Astrological “charts” are so general they can describe anybody. A lot of it is also wish fulfillment. If I tell you that you have personality characteristic X, your mind will try to find any evidence that you possess characteristic X to make the “prediction” true.

The so-called psychics, like John Edwards do the same thing. Psychis will usually get a group of people together when they have their so-called visions. Then they begins with general things. For instance, they’ll say something general like “I see a sibling.” With a group of people in the room, chances are that at least one of them has had a significant event happen to a sibling. They then rely on audience participation to get a “prediction.” Once they’ve targeted the person with a sibling, they then pursue a general line of questions, something like “I see confusion in this sibling.” The person might respond back with “yes, my brother is going through a divorce” or something. Basically, the general questions get the audience to feed the psychic more specific information, until eventually the psychic will produce what appears to be a very accurate “reading.” Of course it’s accurate - it’s based on the person’s own experience which the psychic cleverly got the person to divulge.

Similar techniques are used one-on-one, except in those situations the psychic gets clues from a person’s tone of voice and/or body language. For instance, a common question is “if I marry my girlfriend will it be successful?” The psychic then asks some general questions. So, if the psychic asks how long they’ve been dating and the person responds with “well, on and off for 3 years,” that has a significant piece of information - the on/off nature of the relationship signifies that there is some tension there. The psychic comes back with a wonderfully general answer - “If you get married now you may run into trouble, so wait.” Brilliant advice, huh?

One final fact - I once saw an ad in the employment classifieds that said they were looking for psychics, and would pay $15/hour. If I were really psychic, why would I work for $15/hour? I’d predict which way stocks were headed, play the market, and make millions.

My opinion? It’s bullshit. :slight_smile:


As for the guy from your gym, astrologists thrive on general language and their audience’s tendency to think wishfully.

Read philosophy and be happy with not knowing some shit.

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its always amusing that seemingly sane people will accept at face value the rantings of organized religion but scoff at the notion that the universe could be ordered in any other way.

Some people think that the universe isn’t ordered in any way by anything and therefore trying to make any sense out of it is just grasping at straws.

When it comes down to it, believing in astrology and maybe accompanying “alternative” religions is no more bullshit than believing that there is some Daddy like figure in the sky to whom his raving schizophrenic “son” went and returned to Earth.
I guess the fact that there are some bad apples means that all of astrology is bad whereas the fact that Christianity has bilked more people out of money - and lives - than psychics ever will.
Just pointing out hypocrisy.

If you look only at a persons Sun sign, yes thats very general, yet it can be very telling. If you look at the entire natal chart its often uncanny. Like all things, you can either believe it or not.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

–From Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

if you honestly believe the sun/moon/planets/stars (or whatever they use for astrology) control your life then that’s pretty sad. Especially, since, um, half those stars prolly don’t exist anymore but they’re just too far away for us to realize it yet. (no, wait, they’re talking to us from beyond the grave!!). I don’t buy into that crap, and neither should you.

I absolutely don’t believe in it. I think it’s a bunch of bungus, no offense to those who follow. I do however pretend to believe it when a hot female asks me what my sign is in hopes of getting into thier pants. I am actually a scorpio so it usually works for me fairly well, “Oh your a Scorpio? You know about them don’t you?”, “Uh no, what about them?”, “They are very sexual.”, “I could have told you that without the dam astrology, wanna fuck?”

I had my entire chart done when I was in New Orleans - the ones where you give your exact time and place of birth. It’s about 40 pages long and kind of weird how accurate it is. Now, sure, some things are not right, but a few things were creepy dead on.

In any case, Christians can’t NOT believe in it, because scripture refers to God putting the future in the heavens - but we are not to read it.

Of course, there are plenty of crack pots out there making money off of gullible people - just like in any profession. But there are a few who are real. There are plenty of things that people do not understand, that doesn’t make them untrue.

michelle: If I wrote 40 pages about anyone, I’m sure there would always be a couple of things that would be ‘creepy dead on.’ And most people would just ignore the other 39.5 pages. It’s like John Edwards, who by sheer alacrity manages to get ‘positives.’ Of course, the producers cut tons of his rambling… but if you say enough things quickly, something is bound to be right.


Well, yes, out of 40 pages something has to be right - however, there were a few ‘creepy dead on’, a ton of ‘yup, that makes sense’ and a few ‘totally missed that’. Not much was way off base though.


Cough, coughbullshit

If your saying Astrology, is BS then is “Religion” BS also since it too is not proven to be real. It’s whether or not that you choose to believe it or not. Personally, I don’t believe in astrology.

But, I do think their are some good ones out there. By, the way Astrology and Psychis are 2 tolally diffrent things.

I do believe that Chritian’s view Phychis and Astrology are a form of witchcarft or the devil’s work.

In health,

Silas C.

ICE-T not that he’s an authority on religion once said the biggest PIMP’s are the bapitist preachers. Preaching about “God” and trying to get money out of you to donate to the church.