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Astrology and Psychics


I'm curious, what do you all think about astrology and psychics?


Astrology? It doesn't seem to be very legitimate to me, and I can't quite see how it would really relate to the laws that govern our universe as we understand them.


Sorry-I read that wrong. I thought you were asking about astrology and PHYSICS. I'm not sure-astrology doesn't see too legit too me. I'm always open to new ideas and the fact that there are so many things about this world we can't understand. Just haven't seen anything to convince me yet.


When I was very young and religious, I believed astrology was the work of the devil so, I avoided it and never really paid attention.

Recently, someone showed me the breakdown of a Scorpio personality which is my sign and I have to admit, I was pretty stunned in that a Scorpios description is pretty damned accurate on what my traits are.

I don't know one way or the other, but I did find that interesting. In the end nothing would surprise me. This is a mysterious life and I know, I don't have the answers.


astrology and psychics are a great way to con suckers out of their money.


hehe. The signs thing never made sense to me. I know plenty of people who are the same sign yet are vastly different in every imaginable way.


I'm a believer in certain aspects of Astrology - as in those born under certain arrangements tend to have certain characteristics, certain astral occurances tend to affect certain people/behaviours. I've done too many charts for various people and "blind" tests not to believe in it. I have an elementary understanding of current astral patterns and how they relate to immediate trends (immediate being in 'cosmic' sense of months to years). However, I do not believe that someone is "fated" to a certain life/circumstance based on their chart or that personal responsibility is in any way diminished by the celestial activities.

Psychics - Well, I think 99% of them are full of shit. Great people-readers and salesmanship, but false nonetheless. There are those that do have a degree of clairvoyance, though. Again, I'd not have believed it if I hadn't experienced it.

Why do you ask?


Not sure if the day to day horoscopses are valid or not but I know that I'm a Libra through and through...



Astrology seems like pseudoscience to me. I'm sure there are some scientifically valid aspects of it, but I don't have the time or inclination to research that. I believe that everyone with a living brain has psychic ability. Like with any other ability, some have more than others. Like karma said, 99% of self-professed psychics are probably full of crap and grossly overestimate their abilities or just flat out lie about them. However, when you think about how mysterious the brain is and how much of the universe is made up of things we cannot perceive with our known senses, you can't deny the possibility of psychic abilities.


There are a great many aspects to a chart beyond just a person's sun sign. By sun sign, I am a Capricorn. I am supposed to be relatively frigid, uninnovative, slow moving/thinking, stubborn, concerned with material gain and social climbing. Well some of those apply, but I am sooo not some of them either. However, when you consider my Ascendant is Aries (and a host of other aspects to my chart) - it makes perfect sense.

If you want to learn about the effects each possible combination of the 9 planets, 4 elements, 12 signs, 3 qualities, 12 houses, 5 major and 6 minor aspects you can go to astro.com or astrologyzone.com.


Interesting. I'll check it out. It just seems like as a whole, astrology is something that's too easy to create and build rather than discover. Like you said, if the sun sign can not explain everything. How easy to say, "well, that astral phenomena in that hemisphere explains x, this one explains y, and this ascendant z." Then it's all contrived to make sense. I'd willing to learn more about it for sure. But from what I know, that's just my take.


for anyone that thinks they can prove they have paranormal skills...here's a way for you to become a millionaire...



That was funny, JSB.

Astrology is more accurate the more detail you can provide, particularily exact time of birth. Sun sign is extremely general, but rising signs, moon, and planetary aspects are far more revealing. I find it to be occasionally quite illuminating in the ongoing quest for self-awareness.

I am a Leo, by the way, with an Aquarius rising, hehe!...:wink:


I generally do not believe in astrology. However, the Japanese 9-Star Ki method is rather ... accurate. I was skeptic at start, tested it with the data on 5 people I know, and it was true enough for 4 of them. Interesting. But still entertainment at best in the end. Could be funny as a dating surprise.


More details. Oh, like SSN, DOB, credit card number and mother's maiden name?


There is absolutely NO basis for astrology or psychics as it applies to the real world. Therefore to claim that the way the stars align has an impact on people's personalities is ridiculous. When you read an astrologers predictions of your future or personality description, the content is so broad and vague that it applies to virtually everyone.

I agree with DPH, astrology and physics are great ways to scam people out of money.


I've spent a hell of a lot more on late fees at blockbuster than I ever spent on astrology related entertainment, which amounts to...a book.


Pure BS.

The only value it has is entertainment.


I knew you were going to ask that.


LOL, lmfao. that was some funny shit.