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Astrological Analysis of MMA, WWE, MLB


Wondering if there are any T-Nation folks who are also into astrology? I've done up the charts of lots of MMA, WWE, MLB folks for anybody who is curious:

Sun in Aries, Moon in Capricorn (Gina Carano from MMA)

Sun in Aries, Moon in Gemini (Amy Dumas from the WWE)

Sun in Leo, Moon in Capricorn (Arnold and Triple H from the WWE)

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Libra (Derek Jeter)

I've done lots of others that might be of interest to T-Nation: Bob Gibson, Scott Boras, Lynda Carter, etc. Just click on Sun/Moon profiles at my site.(Hope this doesn't come off as spam, that is not my intent)

Also have looked at the charts of all the recent Mr. Olympias. Have noticed they tend to either have Capricorn Moons or Saturn on the South Node, which would be similar in effect to a Cap Moon.


Are you serious ?


Yes, totally.


Find out:

"Matt Savinar was born and raised in California. He received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of California at Davis. He received his law degree from the University of California at Hastings College of the Law, is a California licensed attorney. (State Bar #228957)

Matt is best known for his work on Peak Oil and related environmental/financial issues. (See: History of LATOC) Matt offers astrological consultations by email, phone, or in-office in Sebastopol, California. Contact Matt by email:..."


As the OP's picture is the same as the one at the savinarholistic site I would guess that the OP is NOT this Matt Savinar fella but rather a troll. But further investigation could certainly resolve this mystery. Right Bruno? Criss-cross. :wink:


His join date is 2005, level 4 so maybe he is this Matt Savinar fella? Obviously Mr Savinar must be a little eccentric being a licensed attorney who makes his living as an astrologer...

Single Answer Questions: $50

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My moon and my nodes?


T-Nation tends to be a site with critical thinkers and science minded people... Astrology really doesn't fit in too well with a crowd like that.


I am both an attorney and an astrologer. I've made my living primarily as an author.

Poliquin does TCM, astrology is not that different from TCM. In fact the fundamental principals are quite similar. If you're not into astrology, you're not into it. That's fine but I specifically stated in my post I was seeking out other T-Nation members who are into astrology. If that's not you then kindly move along to another thread.


Apologies. Lots of trolls around here. I thought you might be one. Anyway, I'll leave you to your moon and node readings. No offence meant BTW. I have nothing against carnival folk.


I'm not familiar at all with what TCM is so I cannot comment on it. However, I am intimately familiar with astrology.

As best I can tell, it is both scientifically empty and morally bankrupt.

  • The mechanisms that are proposed (humans are influenced by the celestial bodies, proportionate to their distance ) are completely invalid, have never been proven, and do not take into account things like comets, meteors, and many other things that have gravity (like the doctor birthing you (who has more gravitational influence than the moon does), for example)Precession, (which would completely shift each star sign over by one every 2000 years) just to name a few.

  • There exists NO plausible mechanism for its workings (HOW would celestial bodies influence us? By what "force" does it exert its power)

  • Astrology has been giving iron clad recommendations for centuries... All the while astronomy has been finding new bodies and then astrology incorporates those findings into its cannon. How come astrology hadn't accounted for those "influences" before science found them? Very curious.

  • There have been NO reproducibly valid studies to show that any effect exists, and in fact there ARE studies that show that birth month has NO influence on any number of measurable factors.

  • Under proper blinding, people will rate ANY reading for ANY star sign as being just as accurate as any other reading.

  • And as for its moral implication, it pigeon holes people into "types" that they cannot escape from based purely on the day they were born. Kinda like being born black, or jewish, or whatever your favorite minority is. There are companies that will NOT hire certain star signs... This is not a joke.

Continuing with the moral implications, astrology quite obviously states that EVERY person is a "victim of circumstance"... Sorry, you'll never be ________, that's only for Libras!

How ignorant and bigoted would it sound for someone to say "He acts that way because he is black/mexican/jewish" ... Vs "He acts that way because he is a scorpio/libra/virgo"

I'm willing to change my mind if you can show me evidence (although I wont be holding my breath). On the other hand, I will happily provide the evidence for my claims at my own expense of time.

I wont stand for this type of irrationality here, and I hope other T-Nation members wont either. Please dont bother to take it elsewhere, just stop it all together. Its complete nonsense and it has no place in a rational world except to serve as an example of one of the many ways humans can be fooled by their own pattern recognition.


Just like a cold reading. Only it validates the system not the reader.

Great book/movie about fakes: 'Nightmare Alley' by William Lindsay Gresham - movie stars Tyrone Power. Orson Welles's 'F for Fake' is interesting too.

EDIT: Not wanting to hi-jack the thread OP just commenting on astrology.


A tip in regards to critical thinking: You might want to read up on the basis of western astrology before launching into a screed about it. For one thing, it is not based on the notion that the planets affect people/events by way of gravitational effects. Google up a hint or two.

But like I said, I'm not here to argue over it. If you're not into it, then you're not into it. But I am and there may be other T-Nation members who might be too. So maybe you can take your overbearing 'tude to another thread and let any of us who want to discuss do so in peace. This ain't the inquisition and you ain't the pope my friend.



The internetz never fail to amaze me.






All I know is I want my Big Dipper to be in and or around Meisha Tate's Moon...


Better than another pants thread.


Thanks. You saved me lots of work by typing out what I wanted to say. It is this type of magical thinking that keeps society and societies down and in trouble. The same type of thinking that supports astrology also supports ideas like, "You can cure AIDS if you have sex with a virgin," "Lets take a bath in the same river we dump our sewage in because its sacred."