Astragalus For More Leydig Cells (And Testosterone)

This study may be of interest for those wishing to ‘naturally’ increase their testosterone levels, or perhaps trying to restart their HPTA.

Astragalus membranaceus increases the production of testosterone, and the number of testosterone-producing Leydig cells, by boosting the activity of antioxidant enzymes and the reduction of the activity of suicide genes.
Perhaps taking it with forskolin, which makes the receptors in the testes more sensitive to LH, might be a worthwhile combination?

Study here.

I am about 50 days into a 90 run of TA-65.
I haven’t noticed anything significant, though occasionally I get the impression I feel better or am a very little stronger. It could be all placebo, or wishful thinking.

I am on 100mg of testosterone cypionate every 5 days.


Astragalus is also good for its cardioprotective effects, improving glucose metabolism, and supporting kidney function.

But the TA-65 is pretty pricey

Sorry, but have to blow our own horn here. Our Alpha Male product has two ingredients that raise T levels through separate mechanisms (one through the very Leydig cell pathway you mentioned) and the capsule also contains forskolin (Carbolin 19). Maybe give it a try?


If I recall correctly, Forskolin activates the enzyme that converts ATP into cAMP, which transmits signals from activated receptors to the DNA, meaning forskolin makes the receptors in the testes more sensitive to LH. A combination of forskolin and astragalus could mean having more leydig cells, which are also more sensitive to LH.

That sounds right, although I’m still freaked out that astragalus has been shown in some lab studies to actually increase Leydig cell numbers.

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It’s just nuts.