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Asthma/Prednisone Low T Question

Im 21 and have testorone levels that are not the least bit impressive at all. As a teen/kid I used a lot of corticosteroids, in excess(I believe)and I think that this may have impacted my testosterone levels. Anyway, long story short, I was just wondering if getting on Clomid or HCG can help me restore my natural T levels.

I can get on TRT if I want to, but I’m young and don’t wanna screw up my chance of having children. My Doc is trying me on Clomid, but its making me so depressed plus I dont know if it will work and is worth the depression because I read that Clomind only helps post-cycle after steroids.

Thanks guys, I know im new and asking a lot, but I would appreciate if this was answered as it is a big bothersome decision I have to make. My T levels have affected my self esteem and gym workouts, as well as my overall life. Thanks

Clomid has very strong estrogenic MENTAL side effects for some males. This is not rare. However, the medical literature, which is not male centric, does not address this problem at all. You need to switch to Nolvadex ASAP!!!

Corticosteroids are very catabolic. Bone and tendons can be weakened and T can be used to combat that problem. Do corticosteroids cause T, do not know that offhand, but perhaps.

Read the advice for new guys sticky and post your labs. We need LH/FSH prior to clomid.

You can use a SERM [clomid, nolvadex] and hCG to try to restart your HPTA. We need your labs before we can say much else. If FSH/LH are high, would not work.

SERM+hCG will not hurt fertility. Do you know if you are fertile now?

SERM+hCG should increase FSH/LH. Labs can confirm. If T increases significantly, increased LH/FSH is inferred.

Did corticosteroids shorten your stature?

Read that sticky!

There are a lot of current threads with guys in your age group. Read those to see how things progress here.

I think they have actually shortended my stature a little. I ate a lot of good food growing up compared to my brothers but they both grew up taller than I did. But I am not MUCH shorter,though.