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Asthma Medications & T-levels

Help me out if you can! I am currently take two inhalers for my asthma, and I know that one of the is considered a type of steroid. (they are called flovent and serevent for anyone who cares) Does anyone know if these inhalers that I have been take just about my whole life are keeping testosterone low. I don’t feel like I have a problem or anything, I am just curious. Thanks!

I’m not an MD but as far as I know the meds only effect your lung tissue and do not bring down T-levels, peace, mack.

Hey tanner…I also have asthma. I used to take serevent and vanceril (steroid like flovent). However, about 1 year ago I started a new therapy program using singulair and zyrtec. I stopped my serevent inhaler immed. and have been off the vanceril for about 2 months.

In fact, this regimine is so good, I can stand my wife’s cat, where as before that would not have been possible.

Just thought I’d tell you about that…you might ask your doc about it.