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Asthma and Fish Oil

I noticed recently that when I take Flameout, my symptoms are greatly reduced, almost nonexistent. Anyone else notice this? Besides all the other great benefits of Flameout, it also helps with this disease as well.

"The asthma fact that fish oil reduces asthma symptoms may be true because of the following findings found in clinical research and studies.

Research has shown that fish oil can help to reduce allergic reactions caused by trigger foods and food additives in some asthmatics.

Further studies showed that fish oil can prevent exercise induced asthma attacks.

Evidence has been found that children who have high amounts of oily fish within there diet, are less likely to develop asthma.

Plus, trial showed that children who were given a fish oil supplement of 300mg per day improved their asthma symptoms."


Pretty cool supp, huh?

because asthma is another illness that is promoted by chronic inflammation and inflammation pretty much leads to every single major disease like heart disease, diabetes and cancer

so yes fish oil is probably the best supplement you could take for your overall health provided you don’t have any food sensitivities/allergies to the ingredients

I haven’t used an inhaler since I started using Flameout. Prior to the introduction of Flameout I got fairly good results from regular fish oil, but occasionally had to resort to the inhalers when battling respiratory infections in the winter months. That alone is worth the price of Flameout, and on top of that you get all the other benefits of fish oil consumption. I’ve recommended fish oil to a couple of other family members with Asthma, and they’ve seen similar results.