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Asthma and Clen/Albuterol


So I really want to up the fatloss and lose this weight fast. I am looking into Clen/Albuterol and in general is there any effect(positive/negative) I would expect on my asthma?

Also is Clen/Albuterol okay to take by itself? I'm reading conflicting reports that if you eat enough protein you will avoid much of the catabolic nature of Clen and other stuff says that it is highly catabolic so its pointless to take unless your on cycle.


clenbuterol/albuterol are both asthma drugs so.. I would anticipate a positive effect.

I would not take it off cycle.. but you should really rely on diet for fat loss


I guess my only worry with Albuterol/clen in regards to asthma is that if I start wheezing or need my inhaler that it would not work or work as good because my receptors are being used by the Clen/Albuterol.

Yes I know diet is king but dam, its always nice to take other shit that speeds it along or makes up for your lack of a dialed diet(plz dont flame me :P)


I have asthma and clen makes me feel a shitload better. Lungs more open etc. As an asthmatic you are ALWAYS some % clamped down and alb/ clen will open you up more.

Also, I agree with what Walkway said don't use unless you are running anabolics too. Otherwise you will lose a lot of your muscle too.


Should clen not be taken close to workouts?

What's a mild dose that will still burn some calories but won't give an older lifter a heart attack?

Is Taurine use a must with clen? I drink a lot of water, take potassium pill and eat a couple bananas (for potassium and strong floaters) every day.


Im pretty sure that albuterol is what is in your inhaler..


I wouldn't use clen unless it was precontest.. that's just me tho


Ya but isnt clen a derivative or Albuterol?


fuck if I know.. what does it matter tho? they are both bronchodilators


According to my mom they both act the same way chemically clen is just much stronger and usually used in horses or large animals with breathing issues in much larger quantities obviously.