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Asteriks on HR 756 Ball?


I thought this was a pretty good idea. Mark Ecko bought Bonds' 756th home run ball and is letting the public vote on its fate. Send in to Cooperstown, brand it with an asteriks and send it to Cooperstown, or send it to space.




Why is this a good idea? Its 756. period. Belongs in cooperstown not in the possession of some half ass designer who's admitted to illegal drug use himself and has printed marijuana leafs on some his clothing designs. how about putting an asterisk next to every hypocrite who thinks he's holier than thou. Bonds has the record. get over it.


I voted for B.


I can guess which way you voted.

Everyone has opinions, get over it.

edit for the record... i voted "A"


brand it. he's a fantastic player; but he cheated to get where he is now. its cut and dry.


I think they should brand his children.


I voted A.

I think it's kind of funny, listening to guys bitch about Bonds' steroid use, on a site that caters to bodybuilders and powerlifters. I'm not saying that every BB or PL uses (or even close to it), but it is something that is definitely associated with these sports. Do you want to put an asterisk nest to Ronnie Coleman's Olympia wins? Next to Andy Bolton's 1,000+ pound deadlift?


Seriously, how many juiced pitchers has Bonds faced? Give the devil his due. He is one of the best ever.


We all know Ronnie's is from creatine....


It's a good idea because it's original and entertaining, that's all. I don't remember mentioning how I voted, so it's kind of interesting that you go so defensive.

For the record, I did vote B. I don't have a problem with steroid users, but I do have a problem with liars and cheaters.


Yep. Regardless of his skill or accomplishments prior to use. Steroids are against MLB policy, those who violate this policy should be subject to its punishments. I know it takes a ton of skill to hit the ball, but we would never know if he was capable of achieving this goal without performance enchancing drugs. I voted B, because what he did was not easy with or without steroids, but I have no doubt that this unfair advantage helped him get there.


Right cause Bonds is the only baseball player with a record to ever use illegal drugs. Morons


that wasn't directed at you Tedro as much as it's directed at all the hand wringing over this issue. and for the record, Bonds never violated MLB policy as the MLB had no policy against steroids in the years in which Bonds was allegedly using. a fact that people seem to ignore.

so technically Bonds didn't cheat at anything. he took steroids, just like a long list of other guys on the record books. if you're going to blame anybody for the so-called cheating'' blame bud selig and the players union for not being man enough to address this issue 20 years ago when it was first brought to baseball's attention.


And that makes it ok?


well let's make the use of 'roids mandatory from here on in.

if they wanna take illegal drugs; let'm. just level the playing ground.


It applies to every player, if you use, your records should be null and void. The title of this thread is 756, which is why the focus is on Bonds. Think before you speak.

Bonds used steroids before it was officially against mlb policy, ok so his home runs should count before he used, but should be striken for after use.


Oh give me a fuckin break all of you stupid juice heads talking shit about bonds. Get real, ALL of your BB idols are drug users...they ALL have asterisks by their wins. Get real. Bonds never tested positive for shit nor did he ever admit to anything. Until the test comes in he's dirty, his record stands.

There are pitchers in their 40s throwing like 20 year olds still...is it magic? NO you stupid morons, it's called steroids. So, if you're up against a dirty pitcher you'd better be a dirty hitter to keep a level playing field. If you're a dirty hitter, you have to be bsted to prove it...and bonds never copped to it, nor did anything ever show up in his blood.

There are tons of roided out hitters in MLB, but roids dont make you hit home runs. How many achievements did bonds have when he was relatively skinny? A lot. A needle won't make you hit 0ver 700 home runs...and no fucking steroid 'cream' is going to deliver the MGs necessary to produce monster gains in any case. What? did you say GH? what is that going to your home run total? Jack shit. Hank aaron hit over 700 and was skinny as a rail- and his skinny ass beat babe ruth's fat ass record, so that defeats any size-based hitting advantage claims right there.

Asterisk this....


I don't play baseball, but I like to think I have some semblance of physics. If he has more bodyweight, then doesn't he have more to put into the ball?

Anyhow, although I don't like people making that point, the only reason people talk about throwing the asterisk is because people are jealous. They're jealous they don't have the work ethic to be as good as Bonds. They're jealous that Bonds is able to do whatever the f*ck he wants, even be an arrogant a-hole and the people still cheer for him.

Heck I'm jealous at the money he's making off playing a game he probably dreamed of doing as a kid. At least I can admit it.

People like to knock people who are in high places. Everyone wants to put the asterisk there because it makes them feel like "Oh well I could do that too if I chose to take illegal drugs."


That's freakin' awesome.


Yeah, the '86 Mets never did drugs, only Bonds.