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Astaxanthin - Fishy Stool


Anyone else have terribly fishy smelling bowelmovements after taking astaxanthin? My bathroom literally smells like i've got my nose up against a fish. The astaxanthin has managed to color my stool orangish brown also. Taking 10mg a day.


Are you taking a natural one or artificial? I've read that artificial Astaxanthin is used in food colouring which could explain the orange


its solgar brand and derived from seaweed (H. pluvialis)


10mg is a bit high isn't it? Not positive, I seem to recall about 6mg being a high-dose one. Not positive though. Have given it to our dogs in the past for eye health


What is the recommended use/dosage on the bottle?


1 cap a day. i've head recommendations up to 16mg. I've seen much more capsules selling in the 4-6mg range.