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AST prohormone stack

hey guys. a friend pretty much let me have a bottle of AndroPlex 700 and 19-Nor 3-Andro. is AST’s prohormone “mass-builder” stack worth trying out? i’m not going to worry about getting the 19-Nor 250. i was never a prohormone type of guy; i just stick w/ lots of protein, creatine, flax, water, multi-vit, and antiox. but considering the prohormones are free, is it worth trying?

Sure, if you like bitch tits and increased estrogen levels!

It couldn’t hurt to try it considering you paid nothing for it. If anything I would try the 19-Nor first and then move onto the AndroPlex 700 once you’re done. Just make sure you raise your overall calories while on it and maybe look into some anti-estrogen formulas after you’re done with both products. Let me know how your results go since I’m interested to hear about the efficacy of these AST products. Good luck to you.