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AST & ALT Levels Affected by Protein Shakes

My ast (139) & alt (85), 0-40 & 0-44 range had been creeping up since I started TRT. I taken other supplements but each if them I cut out prior to the labs and should have been clean. My TRT doc told me to eliminate Protein shakes. I had been taking at least one a day since starting TRT. Off the shakes for a 2 weeks prior to labs resulted in AST (37), ALT (33). It appears the protein shakes are hard on the liver. The dr said no one knows for sure what is in the powder. I have been using Rule one and XTend whey protein iso. I usually blend 2 scoops with a cup of coffee and ice

I wrote about my experience with AST/ALT soaring high for the first time in my life; and then returning to normal with no changes. I also drink protein shakes every morning and did not stop or change as part of the blood work I took. I use Six Star Casein Protein powder.

Did you re-test your AST/ALT 1-2 weeks later?

Even one hard training session within the past 7 days can raise ALT and AST into false positive levels. I’ve known people who got false positive ALT and AST results from walking 10 miles in a day 2-3 days prior to a test. In fact, someone who trains hard multiple times a week may never get an in-range liver enzyme test unless they take 5-7 days off. Did you start training hard with TRT? Did your training vary when you cut the protein shakes? Even though this is WELL established in sports science, very few general practice doctors know about it.

Yes, I train hard each day. But the test have all been in the morning prior to lifting. I told my doc this and he said no, training only raises the creatine levels. This is 6th test and the 1st one since where my #’s were in range. Of course there was another change, I stopped HCG 2 weeks prior as well. So, that may have played a part.

They’re elevated by intense training. You can prove this to yourself and your Dr. Take a few days off from all exercise before your next blood draw. I went through this same issue with concern over my liver via elevated ast/alt markers; ultrasound on my liver with nearly a biopsy being performed.

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