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Assymetrical Legs


Whats up guys

I need some advice on leg training, for some reason the quad (particularly the VMO) on my left leg is noticeably smaller than that of my right leg. I've been incorporating more unilateral work, mostly lunges and Bulgarian split squats, does anyone have any other suggestions ?



It happens, unless you’re stepping on stage to be scrutinized for every little detail no one will notice but you.

Provided it isn’t a tremendous difference in strength and size, of course.

As far as advice, try more bilateral stuff for a bit, if you’re not experiencing the aforementioned deficits in strength with increased loads that’s even more reason to not worry about it.


Jay Cutler has this issue. No one is perfectly symmetrical. You can do one legged exercises doing the weaker side first then matching the reps with the stronger side. Nothing to be too concerned about at this point though its pretty common.

No need to abandon your regular leg exercises


Ghost 22
I have been doing bilateral stuff, just after my main squat/deadlift/cleans or whatever I’m doing for legs.
Tommy thats what I’ve started going. I guess I’m on the right track

cheers guys