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Assisted Work In-Between Pressing Movements

Hey CT,
Just a quick question on assistance work for the traps, rhomboids and rear delts in-between pressing movement for the ‘Look like a bodybuilder, perform like an athlete’ program…

You mentioned in your video sets between 5-10 reps for the assistance work which works great. But you also mention for instance for the bench press, doing band pull-aparts in-between sets using different methods such as isometric holds and slow reps looking to keep time under tension for 30-60 seconds…

  1. So what method for assistance work is best to follow for this program?

  2. Also do we do any in-between sets for lower body day with the High pull, Muscle Snatch and Snatch Grip Deadlift?

Thanks for the help with this,

It doesn’t matter honestly. It’ ot stuff you should be pushing hard. With bands I like to use a longer time under tension whereas with weights I prefer to focus on reps.

No, they would negatively affect the movement too much

I find doing sets of pull-ups between the big pressing exercises on this program helps a lot - both for gains and to look after your shoulders.

Thanks for the feedback CT and thatguyagain… Ive been alternating between the two methods seems to work well so far… Ill also start to throw in some pull ups as well, havent done them for awhile be interesting to see how I go with them…

Thanks again for the help,