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Assistance Work Question

I am jumping on the 5/3/1 wagon and have one question from Jim’s first book. Is “Programming Your Assistance Work - Simplest Strength Template” a stand alone strength templet or do I need/ should add a “big” assistance lift for each day?

Thanks in advance!

You would do it as it’s written. So with the template, do an exercise, let’s say a deadlift, with 5/3/1 percentages followed by a squat variation at SST percentages. So pick a squat, high bar close stance, ssb, front squat, whatever. Then move on to assistance for the main lift.

But if I chose to do say BBB, I Would not do that?

I think I have this figured out. Key word is do as written.

Yeah you would either do BBB or SST. Not both at the same time