Assistance Work Question

I did a search here and re-read my beyond book and cant find my answer. When doing the assistance work for example push ups for 50reps, do you do them all at once and then move onto the next movement like pull ups? Or if you can only do 25 do you move onto pull ups and come back to push ups to finish off your 50reps? Thanks

5/3/1 uses assistance categories nowadays. You can do them whenever you like:

  • between the main work
  • as an assistance circuit
  • separately
  • at home

As for the sets - there is no clear line, since total reps are what matters. I usually use sets of 5-20 for my assistance, and I always superset them with something.

You can do them anyway you want - we generally do all our assistance work between a main movement: squat/dips, deadlift/db incline, press/DB Squat, Bench press/DB SLDL. This is similar to the Krypteia and works very well for those that want to get stronger, bigger and in better shape.

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Thanks for the info.