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Assistance Work for Upper Body Pressing


Hey I just wanted your take on your favorite exercises for the rhomboids, traps, rear delts, and rotator cuff muscles. Thanks in advance.


i do 1 day of a heavy row, mostly chest supported row, 1 day of a cable row and 1 day of a scarecrow/rear delt type movement

cuffs get worked with these and traps get worked w/ pressing and deads so i leave them out


sc rows, shrugs, and laterals/b.o. laterals


I think the exercises Coach Thibs prescribes work just right, except for traps I substitute shrugs.


I believe awhile back CT recommended the following: Overhead work - Trap exercises. Incline work - rotator cuff exercises. Flat work - rear delt and rhomboids


After upper body pressing days I have been doing 2 sets of chins, 2 sets of pullups, and 2-3 sets of face pulls, what are some good rotator cuff exercises? I'm not longer doing OHP, just incline, flat, decline.


I always thought that doing rotator cuff work was advised against when doing OH and incline pressing due to their high involvement stabilizing said lifts. Am i wrong, or is it ok in this scenario?