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Assistance Work for Upper Body Pressing Movements

Hi Coach, hope you are well and life is treating you good at the time of this correspondance. My present training program has two Pressing movement workouts ie Bench Press, Incline Press and Military Press, performed twice a week. I also devote two training days to covering the back musculature, with one day focusing on assistance work i.e Rhomboids, Traps and Rear Delts and the other day focusing on the lats.

Should i perform some upper assistance work on the lat focused day as well, to achieve the adequate pulling ratio with the upper body pressing workouts? Another consideration being is that i perform the upper back deadlift on lower body day, obviously that hits the upper assistance muscles as well, so would i still achieve the same volume for the assistance work, if i devote one day to upper assistance work and train the upper body deadlift on another day? Hope that makes sense.

That is very complicated to read.

From what I’m seeing you have enough pulling work in your schedule. You could include some light pulling work like pull-aparts or band row at the beginning of your pressing workouts as an active preparation.