Assistance Work for Rhodes 5x5/3/1

Been reading through 5/3/1 Forever of late (and also the forum’s views on same) and I noticed there wasn’t any guidance for assistance work for the Rhodes 5x5/3/1.

I noticed the numbers of 50-100 for core, push and pull were the same for assistance work. I’ve been finding that doing pulls on press/bench days work rather well and pushing on squat and deadlift days about covers it.

Has this approach worked for anyone else?

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Since it’s a variation of 5x5/3/1, just use the assistance guidelines for whichever 5x5/3/1 variant you’re plugging the Rhodes rep scheme into (for the base version, just like you said, on pg. 89). I’d still hit all 3 categories though, if you don’t want to do more hard pushing on press/bench days, pick some easier movements but still get the reps in (plate raises, band pushdowns).

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