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Assistance Work for Full Body


Hello Mr. Wendler and guys. I have to cut out one training day and I was thinking about doing some full body workouts. I love doing squats so in my opinion this would be awesome. I'm gonna do the routine from Beyond 531 book. And my question is - how to add some biceps, triceps and shoulders work? I was thinking about doing some curls for biceps, close grip benches and weighted dips for triceps and facepulls with some rotatory cuff work for the shoulders. I'm gonna run this routine:

  1. Squat DL
    Bench TM
    Rows 5x10

  2. Squat TM
    DB bench 5x10
    Rows 5x10

  3. Squat DL
    Press TM
    Deads TM

And also I love doing chins between sets of pushing exercises. How to incorporate all of this in this simple workout?

  1. Replace your bench with close grip for good. I copied this from Paul Carter from Lift Run Bang. Should protect your shoulders in the long run.
  2. Alternate DB Bench with weighted dips on a cycle to cycle basis.
  3. Replace 1 day Rows with Curls.
  4. Superset Press with Chins, Bench with facepulls and Dips/DBB with rotator cuff work.


Wow man, thats a pretty good idea. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, you’ll get other suggestions but this is how I’d do it.


Right, thank You for answer and I’m waiting for other suggestions.


Is there a particular reason you want to add these other movements? Since following Jim’s philosophy on keeping my movements to the ones absolutely necessary to my goals I’ve been surprised at how much 3 movements can kick my ass.

I throw the occasional few sets of curls or shoulder work in at the end of a session if I hit all of my goals for that day. Nothing heavy and never more than 10 minutes. In all honesty though, usually only do that after only 1 of the 3 sessions if that. Since dropping the extra crap my main lifts are moving better and I’ve put on more size, so if hypertrophy is what you’re looking for those extras aren’t even necessary.


Yeah, I’m trying to gain some size with this “little” movements.


[quote]ippawel wrote:
Yeah, I’m trying to gain some size with this “little” movements.[/quote]

Do the bigger ones, better. That’s how the program is designed.


Ok, thank you for answer Jim.


Hi again, what you think about this routine:
Squat DL
Deads 5/3/1
dips 5x5
biceps 4x15
band pull aparts 100 reps

Squat DL
Bench 5/3/1 + FSL
Kroc Rows 2x10, 1xAMRAP
abs (planks) 5 sets

Squat 5/3/1 + FSL
Press 5/3/1 + FSL
T-bar row or chins 5x5-15
abs (side bend) 5 sets


Abs - Hanging leg raise and ab wheel rollout.

(you can use a barbell rollout if you don’t have an ab wheel)


Yeah, I don’t have ab wheel, I’m using just a barbell. Everything else is good?




Thank you buddy. Stay strong!


Remember, you can change up your assistance every couple of cycles… you don’t have to stay married to this particular set of exercises forever.