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Assistance Work & Extra Work for Lagging Legs

After reading 5/3/1 forever i decided to do the leader 2 / anchor 1 ratio
with forever BBB as my leader for the two cycles and then the PR is my anchor for the last cycle.
Also before the anchor is started ill do 7th week protocol once all done ill see whats next.
Anyway my question,
I like some tips on assistance work and what people recommend and think what works good for them.
Plus i like to do some extra work on my legs because i feel like I’m lagging there a bit i understand what jim says stuck to the program how its written and all the information is in the book (which there is) but i would still love to here from people what works for them and how there assistance work is layed out

Thanks all and thank you Jim for all this info

You might consider just doing Krypteia, which uses BBB as supplemental sets and has programmed assistance. Also, it uses pretty heavy DB squats and SL DL’s as assistance, which would help with your legs.

If not, here’s what I typically use for assistance (sets of 10-15, and weighted pull ups/dips)
On 531 push days: pull ups, DB squats, plate raises
On 531 lower body days: rows, roll outs, dips

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thanks for the feed back