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Assistance Work During 2RM Test Week

Hi CT,
Lately I’ve been using the following setup with good results:

  1. Ramp to 90% 2RM
  2. 4 point complex (progressing weekly through 5x5 @75% 2RM, 6x4 @80%2RM, 7x3 @85%2RM, 5x2 @90%2RM on the main movement)
  3. ~20 minutes bodybuilding work
  4. 3-4 sets farmer’s walks (or chest carries on bench and back&biceps days)

I’m starting my test week tomorrow, so I’m going to ramp up to my true 2RM on each exercise (one per day, 2 on 1 off: bench, SGHP, military press, squat). Do you think it would be the right approach to do the following immediately after in those sessions:
2) 5x5 @75% 2RM 4 point complex (so going stright into week 1 of the progression)
3) half the usual bodybuilding work
(no farmer’s walks)

Then week 2 would be ramp to 90% 2RM, 6x4 complex, back to full amount of bodybuilding work and farmer’s walks.


Test week keep the farmers walk drop the bodybuilding work

Thanks, CT! Much appreciated.