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Assistance Work and Meet Prep


Hey guys, I am 6 weeks out from my first meet and I have been following the Coan peaking cycle. I like it, but it leaves me without any programmed assistance work. So far I've been okay, but as I get closer to the meet I would like to be able to dial things in and make sure I'm not doing too much. Any suggestions? I want to have fun in this meet and learn, I don't care about placing, winning, etc. With that being said, I sure would like to hit some PR's though!


Generally the closer you get to a meet assistance work starts to drop. Keep it light and simple just to keep up your anaerobic base going into the meet.


Coan used to cylcle assistance right along with the lifts. I used to follow his progression and I would taper the assistance work such that I would retain one major exercise per lift for the last three weeks, the rest were dropped. Fore example, I would keep the leg press, close grip bench and stiff legs.