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Assistance Work and Meet Prep

Hey guys, I am 6 weeks out from my first meet and I have been following the Coan peaking cycle. I like it, but it leaves me without any programmed assistance work. So far I’ve been okay, but as I get closer to the meet I would like to be able to dial things in and make sure I’m not doing too much. Any suggestions? I want to have fun in this meet and learn, I don’t care about placing, winning, etc. With that being said, I sure would like to hit some PR’s though!

Generally the closer you get to a meet assistance work starts to drop. Keep it light and simple just to keep up your anaerobic base going into the meet.

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Coan used to cylcle assistance right along with the lifts. I used to follow his progression and I would taper the assistance work such that I would retain one major exercise per lift for the last three weeks, the rest were dropped. Fore example, I would keep the leg press, close grip bench and stiff legs.