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Assistance Work and Deload Weeks


For those of you that take deloads, do you still hammer out your supplemental exercises? Or do you cut almost everything out and just do a few light sets of your main lifts?


I either take it easy on both, only do assistance lifts or sometimes if I feel my body needs it, actually take the week off besides conditioning.


Main lift and the ab/core work I have associated with that day as I can't rationalize not doing it for injury prevention and compound lift carryover. I'll usually tack on some additional conditioning work, but that's more so dependent on my overall goal at the time.


During periods of strength work and I am normally working my 3-5 rep range, I will work up to the working weight and do 1-2 reps on all work sets. For assistance work I use the same weight and cut the reps in half.

While working higher rep ranges _>8, I cut the volume by about 25%.