Assistance with Bloodwork Interpretation

Hello I have some questions about what to do following a cycle I did.

12 weeks ostarine 25mg ED.

I got blood work done pre and post.

Pre cycle

Post cycle

2 months after cycle

4 months after cycle

Once I did my 2 month blood work I decided to cut for 2 months (still cutting when I did my 4month bloodwork) and my test has dropped from 669 to 517. I’m now being advised to PCT with tamoxifen and then rest for a month while eating at or above maintenance (stop cutting)

Any advice would be appreciated. Did I not fully recover and need the PCT? I understand my cut can be lowering my test levels but 517 seems low compared to my 965 pre cycle baseline.

I did not PCT after just natural recovery

precycle your TT was 193?

The pics are in order from pre, post, 2 months after, 4 months after

No post cycle, pre it was 965

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What was your LH and FSH on the last one, 4 months post? BTW, this would better be served in the Pharma forum. We dont do PCT here.

Sorry I wasn’t sure what forum to put it in. I didn’t get my LH tested but my FH was 1.9… I was coming off a pretty aggressive cut without doing a lot of training. Was still doing the cut at the time of 4 month bloods and I did the test at 3 which I know are all things you shouldn’t do now. I can go back and get my LSH tested if I need

12 weeks ostarine 25mg ED.

Pre cycle
Total test 965
Free test 17.6

Post Cycle
Total test 193
FSH: 1.1
LH: 1.5

2 months after cycle:
Total test: 669
Free test: 80
Estradiol: 24
FSH: 2.1
LH: 5.7

4 months after cycle (after heavy cutting and probably overtrining)
Total test: 517
Free Test 80
E2: 23
FSH: 1.7

So where do you want to go from here?
1- Want to get back at the 960s?
2- Want to go for another cycle of Sarms?
3- Or do you want to start test?

No lipids…

Also off topic but whats the difference between free test and free test direct? Numbers seems drastically different and the reference ranges are way bigger. The first one says anything over 26 would be high and in the latest one i did it says anything below 35 is low. (comparing first test to my last one)

I did my lipids just cropped them out, they were bad but not horrible, already fixed those with diet exercise fish oil and citrus bergamot…

My answer is both 1 and 2 definitely not 3

IDEALLY i want to start another cycle, but if I need to get back to 960 to be safest to my system then i will…

I really do not know. The reference ranges appears to be estimatives for age group. What is your age?
Your free test and e2 were stable in the last two bloodworks.

I believe it is more important to know how the free test of 80 pg/ml correlates to the 17,6 pg/ml pre cycle than to worry about the 965 total.

I am 26 years old

Post your SHBG so we can calculate your free T. Those free test numbers appear to be FT. But the ranges are strange.

I didn’t get my SHBG tested it wasn’t included in the panel :frowning:

I can go get it done, I stopped cutting im eating at or above maintenace and this time ill do it in the morning not at 3PM after a 15 hour fast… ( i was getting a lipids and metabolics panel as well thats why i fasted)

Yes. I would always recommend a PCT after a long SARMs run

So now what do i do I keep receiving mixed opinions. Some are telling me to run tamo for a month and PCT, others are telling me to stop cutting, eat at or above maintenance, and retest in a month earlier in the AM and i should be good. Unsure what to do thats why I came here for better advice haha