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Assistance Recommendations for Anchor of PR Set, Jokers, FSL

I’m coming off my first two weeks of BBB, and the subsequent 7th week deload. Tomorrow I’ll begin my anchor cycle and it seems a popular choice is PR sets, Jokers, FSL. Am I correct that the assistance recommendations for this cycle are 50-100 reps legs/pull/push? That’s what I think I’m understanding from my reading.

Also, I should mention that I just began a cut. Having never done it before, is my choice of Anchor cycles a bit much?


Depends on how hard you’re cutting, your age, training age, etc. If you’re young, fairly new and not in an extreme calorie deficit you’ll probably be fine. If you’re old, experienced or cutting super hard it’ll be more difficult. Yes your assistance is supposed to be a higher volume during the anchor. Just my 0.2¢

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Thank you for this input. I’m 40, and been training correctly for about 1.5 years. I went ahead and did the whole shabang today. It went pretty well I thought.