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Assistance Reaching My Goals


Hello all-

Glad to see the TMUSCLE community is thriving and well!

I know there are tons of articles on TMUSCLE and that the site is a great resource, but I would appreciate someone's help in discerning all of the information and assisting me reach my goals.

I am 5'10", 168 lbs and a soccer player who played at a very high level post college. It has been a few years since playing at that level and had some prior injuries such as issues with my psoas.

I have a couple of goals that I would appreciate your expertise on:

1) I would like to lean out my legs, particularly my quads, hips, and abductor muscles (the muscles that go along the inside of the quad area). I know size contributes to power but I no longer need the "soccer mass." From years of playing my hips are now wider than my waist, it has made buying pants difficult.

2) I need to loosen up my shoulder girdle and hips, get my scapulars to glide, and lengthen out my back.

3) Improve my posture

I know there are a lot of random things here but if someone is serious about helping me, I would be glad to discuss this with them in greater details. I also live in the NYC-area so I could meet with someone if it is easier.



Bump... please help!


Wrong site.... Wrong forum.

At 168lbs you DONT need to lean out your legs. Ditch the skinny jeans and you'll be fine.

As for your other questions, I dont really understand what you are asking. Check out some of the articles on the site. You'll have to look around a bit, but there are a ton on posture and mobility.