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Assistance Questions on My 5/3/1 BBB

Correct. If you can’t perform 5’s PRO your TM is to high.

Choose assistance exercises wisely!

Even chosing wisely, à pushing exercise will always involve Chest and tri while à pulling will involve back & bi :confused:

Yes, but a face-pull is not as taxing as a pull-up and a push-up is more shoulder-friendly than a dip. The muscles will adapt to the work as long as you are not going to failure. Pay greater attention to your joints…

Well so I’m going backward trying the template taking 0.85 of my current 1RM as my new TMs ->
So my new TMs will be
OhP 60
DL 150
BP 95
Squat 140

I’ve done the calculation for BBB @ fsl and 5’s everything seems doable for me :slight_smile:
So the final step is planning assistance work :
Monday ohp 5’s + bp bbb@fsl + assistance (facepulls / dips / single leg squat)
Tuesday dl 5’s + squat bbb@fsl + assistance (chinups / diamond pushup / ab wheel)
Thurdsay bp 5’s + inclined bp bbb@fsl-10% + assistance (facepulls / dips / single leg squat)
Friday squat 5’s + sldl bbb@fsl + assistance (db row / diamond pushup / ab work)

Is it ok like this or should I do some modifications ? (or is there even a “standard schema” for assistance work) and there is no direct calves work, squat will do it ?

You wouldn’t do dips every session though.
Likely you pick easier exercises like Tri pressdowns, Front Raises etc for heavy pressing days.
And I tend to pick particularly easy pulling (band pull aparts, face pulls) on squat days, rows/chins on press and bench days, dumbbell rows usually on deadlift days.

Same goes for lower back/leg stuff, if you are doing 5 x 10 deadlift then you don’t do crazy back work, you just pick an easier ab variation or similar, i.e Pallof Press

Edit: This is all my personal preference btw, and changes depending on my energy levels, what the whole week was like, which Supplemental template i was running that week. etc.
I never do BBB or BBS deadlifts for one… don’t get along with them.

I feel not weighted dips as very easy exercise, I mean 25 dips is nothing so I don’t have issue with doing it the way I described it.

Ok for switching facepulls and chinups/db row days I’ll do it like this, just a question about chinups, does it mean hands in supination or can I go on pronation (which is a pull up ?) but maybe there won’t be enough biceps stimulation if I do pullups instead of chins

For everything else I feel comfortable with my choices, just hope that all my assistance work won’t interfere with muscular growth (still speaking about “resting 48hours”) but I’ll try this for 1 year and see what it does :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that somewhere in Jim’s books or one of his articles I’ve read you can switch your grip every set (or perhaps it was every training). Anyway that’s what I do (both ways depending on the mood) and it works fine for me.

I also forgot to ask if there is still a deload week sometime with the protocol “2 weeks 5’s 1 week 5/3/1+” or no deload week at all ?

So yesterday I did my first day with the Marc’s setting, I did overhead 3x5, bp BBB@FSL, chinups (alternating pronation & supination) 10-7-5-4, dips 15-10, single leg squat 10 on each side.

I felt ok, I was just wondering when I should add weight on the dips part.

You should probably be able to do multiple sets of 15-20 with your body weight before you start worrying about adding weight. When you add weight you should be able to do your weighted sets for at least 8-10 reps.

Hmm I think I’m lacking of “endurance” because I could easily do 2x10 reps with 10kg weight on dips whereas I’m not sure that I can do 20 reps at bodyweight but it’s ok for me to wait for 20 @ bodyweight before moving on weighted dips (and same for chinups but it will probably never happen lol)

I did deadlift day yesterday, everything fine on 3x5 part, on the BBB side (still doing opposite, so squat) @ FSL I had to do 5x10@90kg it was tough especially for cardio / breath soon it will hit pretty hard (next week is 5x10@97.5…)

The schedule with the 5’s BBB@FSL + 5/3/1 FSL is still:
5’s BBB@FSL : 3 weeks
increase TM
5’s BBB@FSL : 3 weeks
increase TM
5/3/1 FSL for PR : 3 weeks
increase TM
-> repeat
Or is there a deload week / phase ? Or TM isn’t supposed to be increased on each cycle ?

No offense, but based on the enormity of this thread, and where you’re most recent questions are, I’d say maybe you need to just buy at least one of the books or do some better research.

You don’t have to do BBB sets at FSL weight levels. That may be too much. It’s just important to get the work in, so lower it below FSL as needed and don’t sweat it. It’s the supplemental lift, so just get the work/volume in without obsessing about the weight.

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I’ve read the first 5/3/1 e book, but things have considerably changed sincère the original one, I just want to know how to manage the TMs through cycles because in the original setting it was increased after each cycle… But with the 2 Weeks 5’s and 1 week PR schedule I dont know how the tms are supposed to evolve, I just want to follow the protocol :slight_smile:

The principle stays the same as always.
Start light progress slowly.
Each warmup some mobility and some jumps/throws.
Start with TM about 85 % or 5 strong reps.
Do the BBB as it is written in your book.

Either do the main work with the + sets or with 5’s pro.
Then do the BBB work with about 50% of the TM.

Each cycle you increase the TM with 5/10 pound upper/lower.

Do a couple of cycles then evaluate. Can you do more weight, is the reps on the main set fast and strong try a couple of cycles with 60%.

And so on, it’s not rocket science, and if you have the book most of it is there. Not everything if it’s OG. but enough to understand BBB if that’s the program you want to run.

But it’s your body and your time. If you find BBB with FSL is good for you, by all means go ahead. Try it, then evaluate.

Thanks mortdk, you provided most of the answsers I was looking for.

But using the routine described by mark (with 2 cycles 5’s / 1 cycle 5/3/1) if I’m repeating it after these 3 months I will probably have to reevaluate my TM based on the 5/3/1 cycle results, because if I cannot reach 5 reps on the 1+ reps week there is absolutely no chance that I can manage it on the next cycle with higher TM’s and expecting 5’s

Yes you will have to evalute your lifts and possibly adjust the TM.
2 cycles of 5 pro, 1 week deload, 1 cycle af 531 with + sets. 1 week deload or test week.
If you made 5 or more strong reps with the 1+ set, then in the test week try to work up to the TM you ended the program in do 1-3 reps per set. If you can make 5 or more strong reps, your good to go.
Increase the TM 5/10 pound for the next program.
Do NOT increase by more even if you can get 6 - 8 or more.
If you get less than 5 decrease the TM for the new program.
Just remember be consistent.
531 is meant to be run for years. You could end up after the first 3 cycles thinking this is not working. I would say keep on knocking and suddenly… BOOOM your strong as fuck.

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