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Assistance Question

I know this isn’t your program but I want to ask you what your thoughts would be for assistance lifts if you were to run 5-3-1. I know when Wendler gives a rep scheme for assistance he says 25 to 50 reps or 50 to 100 Reps for assistance and don’t track it.

That unmotivates me. I would rather push the assistance lifts but I don’t want that to take away from the main lifts. I like pushing all lifts similar to Dorian Yates. How would you advise somebody like me to run the assistance movements on 531. Thank you for your time.

I did 5/3/1 with decent results for about 4 months when my kid was first born. I did push the assistance work. Not much in terms of volume because I didn’t have the time nor recovery to handle it at that time. I used an approach similar to this article, which is applicable to what you are looking for I think.

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Thank you