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Assistance on 1000% Awesome?

Hi everyone!
i am running the 1000% awesome full body routine and i like it so much!
After 2 cicles, i would like to change my assistance exercise.
Just to have some feedback and new ideas, which assistance exercise do you add to this routine?
Do you think it should be better to add assistance in the day you train the same movement in the heavy way or in the volume way (such as dumbeel press after heavy bench or after volume bench…lunges after heavy squat or volume squat)?

I’ve run it for three cycles now, (2 leader, 1 anchor). I kept my assistance very conservative during the leaders, 25-35 reps from each category and pushed it during the anchor, 75-100 reps. I focused primarily on back exercises for pulling (chest supported rows, pull downs/pull ups with varying grip, DB rows/Machine Rows), I also try to do 100 band pullaparts every single day for healthy shoulders and because I sit at a desk most days and this has helped my posture immensely. For pushing, I usually just do DB Bench Press on a very low incline or DB OHP either sitting down or standing up depending on how I’m feeling. Also, some days I would superset pushups with squats to hit my numbers if I was trying to get in and out of the gym quickly. For Abs/Single leg, I usually went with hanging leg raises, rollouts, or kettlebell swings with a 55-70 lbs. kettlebell. And, full disclosure, I’d usually do a couple VERY LIGHT sets for arms (rope hammer curls or pushdowns) to get a “sick pump” before leaving the gym.

That’s what has worked for ME. Remember this is a lifetime pursuit and as long as your foundation (the big four) is on track and you’re recovering properly, the assistance stuff is just window dressing used to account for imbalances.

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Many thanks for your answer!
Which kind of pulling excercise do you do un day 2 (deadlift/military press day)? And in this day (deadlift/military press day), which kind of pushing excercise do you add? I usually do some push -ups, that stimulate my chest whitout interfere with recover (especally considering that in day 3 i have heavy bench), but i would like to try something else.

I would do pullups/pulldowns with a variety of grips for pulling, either pushups or DB OHP for pushing.

Dips are a great option too, but I wouldn’t load them up with weight on this program. I ran that program and it’s awesome, but you’re not going to want to push the “push” assistance very much. For example, I can do a set of 12-15 weighted dips with 3 plates (135) added, but on this program I’d usually just do 3 sets of 20 or so body weight dips. It’s already got a high volume of heavy ish pressing over three days, so I put more effort into my pulling assistance work.

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Thanks for the answers!

What do you think guys, in order to be fresher on the bench session, about switching day 1 with day 3? So the heavy bench day at the beginning of the week (and before the heavy military press day) and the heavy Squat day at the end of the week?

I’d leave it like it is. You need the extra day to recover from the 5x5 at 85. It’s more taxing than the 5s Pro.

Jim suggest FULL RANGE PLATE RAISE as an assistance push option.
I’v never tried it, what’s your opinion about this exercise?
Should it be good in deadlift/press day?