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Assistance Lifts for 5/3/1 Squat and DL


on my squat day, i do front squat and front Bulgarian squat as my assistance work. box squat and seated GL as complementary lifts for DL.

is this structure ok or should i change it around?
deadlift is steadily climbing up, just did 455lb not so struggle last week
squat is kinda stuck, did 415lb last week
i wanna bring my squat up at least not so far apart from my deads


If you want to bring your squat up, squat more. Do the BBB assistance work.


i am doing bbb, but substituting squat with front squat on SQ day
and box squat on DL day


Which means you are not doing BBB.

Do BBB as it is written and you will see the gains you want.


ooo, u mean strictly follow the bbb template? Jim says that variations for assistance lifts are also ok


You are doing variations, it isn't working though


Are your lifts going up with what you are doing? If so, then do what you are doing.


for bench and overhead press, i am following the bbb template which is working. the stats are going up.
for deadlift and squat, i do my own version of variations which is not so successful. deads is moving up but squat is stuck. so i guess i should stick with the basics for lower body.

Thanks all


It's clearly not working for you though, or else you wouldn't be asking for advice, no?


squat variations dont work.


I'll throw my 2 cents in. Pause squats have worked wonders for me after my 5/3/1 set and the first set last AMRAP set. 5x5 at around 60% of my program max and focus on explosion all the way throughout the lift, so a compensatory acceleration training philosophy if you will. As an anecdote, I've felt more explosive out of the hole and have hit PR's since implementing them


before your post, i was thinking the same thing, pause squat


^ They do work, especially to cap off a squat session. But as many have already said, the best accessory (barring any glaring imbalances that one might have, I assume) is to just squat more. I find the squat to be the most technical of the three lifts and your body might really need to accustom itself to each increase in weight, so hammer in your technique with more volume and begin to feel more confident under the bar.


make sense, it brought up my bench.
i am gonna do 5x10 squat.


Any ideas on programmming pause squats as the accesory after your 5/3/1 sets? I ran 3x3 @ 90 percent of your top set and atter trying other accesories that seems like the most productive. For me... going baxk to it next cycle.. just thinking of ideas for more volume. Maybe one cycle pause squats 5x5@80. Next cycle 3x5@85 and then 3rd cycle 3x3@90 percent. Thoughts?


Wait wait wait. Squat variations DO work. The particular squat variation you are doing, with all it's variables (volume, set/rep scheme, rest times, the rest of your training program), is not working for you at this point in time.

Don't generalize. There are very few absolutes in strength training.


Here's what I do, for your reference:

5/3/1 as written
First set last x AMRAP (leave a few in the tank)
5x5 - ~60% of training max. I do these using CAT, so as explosive as possible throughout the whole movement. I only increase the weight when I'm feeling as explosive on the last rep as on the first.


squat variations are more specific for improving weakness during squating in my mind, i thought currently i am not at that high level yet, so i am gonna stick with squat, add more volume there, prefect my techniques first.

i am gonna change back to squat 5x10 for a few cycles to see whats going on


That sounds legit. Volume n speedwork.