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Assistance in Training and Lack of Pull Height

Firstly , I have received great help here which allowed me to make some good improvements i.e. better starting position . I train twice a day. Snatch pull 155kg just missed 160kg last session. Clean pull 190kg for 3 reps . 200kg from the rack (navel height and sternum height)
at 110kg bodyweight.
I have been practising clean pulls(navel) and snatch high pulls(slightly above sternum).
I do use straps. I can get navel height for clean pulls fairly easily , it strikes the belt or raises slightly above.
However I can’t get very good height for the power version of the clean pull . I would like to get above sternum level to chest.

The snatch pull (to above the sternum ) is ok but I cannot complete the lift even with lighter weights. (i.e. the third pull) My best is around 60-65kg but I don’t practice them. I lack leg strength a lot (I don’t squat after having a near accident squatting ) I have just started doing light squats and hopefully I can build back up.)

I am quite large still 110kg (5 , 5 165cm) so I have a lot of weight to lose (20-30kg) I am still morbidly obese.

My training consists of very light squats 100kg for a set of 10 and working up to a triple in the snatch pull on one day and clean pull on another . I do this 5-6 days a week and bench twice a week (speed one day and max effort the next day). I take only creatine and a lot of fish oils . I will be 37 years old soon.