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Assistance Help On Bench & Deadlift Days

After seeing them in a separate thread I’m looking at starting Matt Kroc’s squat, deadlift and bench program in the future.

I have a few questions about assistance exercises.

The squat program has very clear assistance plan laid out.
The bench programme has some assistance ideas – the dead lift programme has nothing on assistance.

Can anyone comment on the below.

Squat – kept as is. 0 change. Although it’s a 12 week program – the others are 16. Which will leads to a bit of a timing issue.

Bench – add in dumb bell bench which are mentioned. I would also like to include behind the neck press as I want bigger shoulders. 4x15 on both. Chase the pump. No direct Triceps work.

Deadlift – no lower back work. That’s clear. I was going to do Pull ups (1 rest pause set), seated rows with chest support (3 sets of 10) and curls (2-3 sets of 15 pump work again). Core work – renegade row.

If anyone can chip in I would appreciate it.

Links to the programs in case anyone would like them.

Check out Kroc’s log on elitefts (Go to the training logs section, click on the culture tab, then select on training logs from 1998-2014) to see how Kroc was training and get an idea of the assistance work used.


WOW - just checked out the site. Its a gold mine. Its a good job I’m not starting this for a while though