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Assistance For The Atlas Stone


Hey my fellow barrel chested, car flipping, rock eating badasses, I have a question:

My gym only has up to 215lb/97.5kg stones. What could I use to help train for heavier stones, as in NAS, I need to load up to a 360lb onto a 50 inch platform.

I was thinking, beside lifting the 215 to a higher platform, but what about the lower platform?

I was thinking Zerchers, lifting the stones without lapping, and casting heavier stone; sadly, the 3rd option costs money.

Any suggestions?


What about overhead work?


That's a given, so is deadlifting, squatting, and all other events.


Zerchers are a bet. What about continental cleans? Hip thrusters or pull through like movements?


Heavy (strict) barbell rows or SLDL's for the pick, front squats and/or hang cleans for the loading portion.

You may want to try to travel to another gym at least once before your contest to attempt/load some 20" stones (typically in the 300-400 lbs range).


I wish I new of one in Brooklyn...

Great advice, I was more concerned with the straddle if anything, that's the part you really can't train without heavy stones.


There are quite a few options within a 45 minute drive of where you live, do you have a vehicle or would you be relying on public transportation?


Do you know of any around the DC area or near Savannah, GA?


I'm 16, I obviously don't have a car.


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There is a gym in Herdon, VA called "The Edge" and they have a great collection of strongman equipment. Here is their website: http://trainingattheedge.com/contact.

I do not know of anyone down in Savannah but if you were willing to drive a little bit I can get you in touch with some guys in the Macon area (about 3 hours each way).


There is a NAS teen event with a 360 lbs stone? Is it the last stone in a series or a stone over bar for reps?

I will check to see if any of the gyms are accessible via train.


Most shows, with the exception of silver level, don't have a Teen class because most teens don't compete anyway. So I'll be competing in the Men's Open, and the 360 is on the lowest platform (48").


Years back I remember reading about Mark Philippi doing plate stack rows for Atlas assistance. You put a 10 pound plate on the floor, stack 45 pound plates on top of it then bend over, grip the bottom 45 and do bent over rows like you would with a barbell.


Thanks. I'll look into it.


Go on the NAS site and email WILLIE or DIONE they could direct you to someone closeto you....stacking the plates and rowing is good gym option.....get a sand bag...sand is cheap and any army surplus store will have a duffle bag...you can actually make it loadable by using smaller bags...lift it long ways as and that will be like a bigger stone....nice thing is there is not tacky clean up!


Aw hell, my post got edited for linking to a forbidden site. I had posted the actual phillippi article.

Here is a copy and paste of the article on a non-competitive site:



I read that article a WHILE back (when I had no idea about training). Some of that stuff is ok, but a snatch for the keg toss? I don't know what they think a snatch is, but it's a VERY different move.


a muscle snatch? Seems like the best gym lift to use to me.....


A keg toss is in an arc, while a snatch is vertical.