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Assistance for Strength Endurance


I had a hand injury about 2 months ago and I am starting to get back into my normal routine. I lost quite a bit of strength on some lifts (strict overhead press went from 195lbs to 155x3, deadlift went from about (385x5 or 330x12) to 405x1, for example) so I am going back to basics for now. I did a strongman competition in August and felt what really killed me was the lack of strength endurance.

I had the following two ideas in mind, but I would appreciate feedback from someone with more experience:

Scheme 1:
5/3/1 main lift
3 sets of AMAP with 50% TM of main lift
Second Assistance lift (usually antagonist to the main lift)
Exercise Bike HIIT 10 minutes

Scheme 2:
5/3/1 main lift
1 sets of 20 reps with 60% TM of main lift (or whatever percentage allows for a difficult 20 reps)
Second Assistance lift (usually antagonist to the main lift)
Exercise Bike HIIT 10 minutes


Wow, I must have asked a shitty question. I see now that I forgot my concluding sentence. I am basically asking for ideas for assistance programming (preferably using only 3 lifts total per session) that would allow the development of strength-endurance. For example, on my log press I got 10 at 160lbs in 60 seconds, but the winners got around 20. For the deadlift I got 12 at 330lbs, but the winners still got around 18-22. Yes, maximal strength plays a roll but conditioning is a big deal too especially if a contest is fast paced.

Im following 5/3/1 to build my strength back up until I pick a contest probably around march or so, when more specific training will be required, depending on my strength levels then. I messed up some soft tissue in my hand and I couldn’t do anything that involved pressing or pulling for 9 weeks (so basically, I squatted 3 times a week).


There’s FSL with a + set instead of 5x5 and there is the BBS template where you do a bunch of sets with a time frame.

I always found good prowler work had pretty good carry over


Rest-Pause template/variation?