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Assistance For Female - Water Polo

Hello once again everyone. Well this post is not about me but for a female friend of mine. She has asked me to help her get into shape and I accepted. I recently leaned that she wants to become an Olympian in water polo I believe it was.

Well she wants to lose about 20lbs or so in about 3 months while maintaining as muscle muscle as possible and gain some while in the process. Now I suggested some supplements for her and critiqued her diet plan and worked that out for her. But cannot decide on what type of workout would be best for her and her needs.

So, what I am asking is what would others suggest for her? I have been looking over some routines but can’t really decide which to start her on yet. Any help provided would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

If she really wants to be an Olympian in water polo, I would recommend that she joins a good water polo club and starts training water polo 3+ times a week and watch her diet carefully. She should also add in some swimming sessions. [that is if she isn’t already doing the above]

I think that practising water polo and swimming should be more important to her than weight training. Any of the good water polo players I know [though none of them near Olympic standard] train with the water polo team 3+ times a week as well as training swimming 5 mornings a week, none of them feel the need to add in weights.

If she is training hard in water polo and swimming then she should not lose muscle that is used for these activities, so long as she loses the weight consistently [maybe 1-2 lbs a week]. It would help her to keep protein intake high as well.

Failing the above she should really ask her water polo coach what he/she thinks, the coach usually knows best.

Is this a long term goal, or is she already playing at a high level?

Why three months? Is there a tournament or some competition at that time?

How you decided the supplements before the training, I’d love to learn. What diet plan advice did you suggest? For maximum results, everything should be planned to coordinate together - training, nutrition, and supplementation - so it’s really not ideal to plan one (or two) with any level of accuracy, without knowing that third piece of the puzzle.

A lot of it relies on where she’s at in her training, experience-wise and when the next competition is. If she’s already competing at a high level, you have to balance her water polo practice with any weight training/cardio/other training. If she’s fairly new to the sport, almost any non-spastic weight training will be a good addition to her polo.

In either case, it’s going to be about working around her practice/whatever the coach has them do, and juggling weights and recovery.

Well she wants to lose about 20lbs or so in about 3 months while maintaining as muscle as possible and gain some while in the process.

No tournament or competition to the best of my knowledge. She just said she would like to drop that weight in that amount of

For the supplements I suggested simple things, like Grow! Whey for a protein powder or Metabolic Drive Low Carb, Surge for when she is working out. Fishoil to keep her joints in good shape since for her spot they do a lot of throwing and moving so fishoil couldn’t hurt. I also suggest some mult-vitamins. If you think that these are bad suggestions please let me know why so I can become better educated.

For her diet I had her write down what she was eating for a few days and what time ate. Looked at it and suggested what she should try to stray away from and what she could substitute for it instead. Suggested she eat 6 small meals a day, she ate burgers from fast food joints etc and told her that would slow her down. I just suggested simple things to a better lifestyle and things that would help her lose the weight little by little.

She has been competing in water polo for quiet some time and as I stated earlier she is at a high level currently. As of right now she will not have a chance to practice any water polo or anything because her father and her are coming to North Dakota where I live to be on her dads little farm that he bought a few summers ago. So just weight training and cardio can be done really

Any other questions I would be happy to answer and thank you for the constructive answers.

Does she have some/any experience in the gym?

What is her height/weight?

[quote]Dark_Angel wrote:
Well she wants to lose about 20lbs or so in about 3 months while maintaining as muscle as possible and gain some while in the process.

No tournament or competition to the best of my knowledge. She just said she would like to drop that weight in that amount of[/quote]

It would still be helpful to know when the next match is going to be, to plan the training cycle. It sounds like she isn’t going to have a chance to practice her sport for these three months, is that correct? If so, that just means it’ll be that much more important to plan her next training cycle effectively.

I’d lean more towards Surge Workout Fuel, rather than Surge Recovery, based on the endurance needs of her sport. Possibly Beta-7 as well, but that can wait a bit until we’re closer to some matches. Flameout is always a good choice. I’d go for the Metabolic Drive as a “during the day” protein, rather than Grow! Whey, for the slower digesting and more filling protein source. No problem with the multi.

Those are some solid, basic changes. You might want to review this article, The Athlete Diet, to make sure you address some more key points:

I really like complexes for fat loss. They’d have the dual benefit, in this situation, of keeping her general conditioning up to par.

Somewhere along the way (once the majority of fat loss is done), I’d take the opportunity to include a hefty dose of shoulder pre-hab and core strengthening - again, to get her ready for the demands of the sport. I’m not overly familiar with water polo, but from what I’ve seen so far, those are two areas I’d definitely address with the athlete.

To address both of you at the same time.
She has been lifting since 9th grade but isn’t very experienced were her words and she is about 180lbs and 5’8 give or take an inch. She said she wont be able to start training for water polo until about the end of June and her next competition would be around August. I will check out those articles you suggested for me Chris, I skimmed through the complexes for fat loss and at the end it said its not for beginners so I am not sure she would entirely be ready for that unfortunately. What do you think given her inexperience.

It turns out someone suggest she go on vitasport rapid fat-loss stack which consists of metabolix pm, thermogenix 2 and thyroStimT3. I have no experience with any of those so I have no idea how they work and what not. She was also suggested detox-LGC made by nu-tek which I also have no experience with so that kinda put a wrench in things as far as guiding her towards the right supplements…or did it?

I hope I got everything answered so as to get things right when I try to help her the best I can.