Assistance for Chins & Pullups

What exercises can be done to assist getting better Chin Ups and Pullups results

Basically regressions of chins/pull-ups or exercises that strengthen the same musculature.

Examples include:
-self assisted chins/pull-ups
-rack chins/pull-ups
-Gravitron chins/pull-ups
-band assisted chins/pull-ups
-negative chins/pull-ups
-partner assisted chins/pull-ups
-Lat Pull-downs using varying grips

Exercises which strengthen the same basic musculature
-horizontal/bodyweight rows
-barbell bent over/Yates rows
-Meadows rows
-corner T-bar rows
-dumbbell/Kroc rows
-Meadows pull-downs

[quote]madmikes wrote:
What exercises can be done to assist getting better Chin Ups and Pullups results[/quote]
In addition to what Sento said, there have been a bunch of programs written to boost pull-up numbers, usually depending on how many you can currently do. Check the Search feature and they should come up.

I’ve got some good results using pyramid sets. For example, if you can do 5 total pull-ups, do a pyramid set of 1-2-3-2-1, with 10 seconds rest for each rep, for a total of 9 pull-ups with minimum rest. Rest for a minute or two and then repeat with a different grip. It’s a good way of increasing volume without approaching failure. Add another level to the pyramid when it feels easy.

Losing weight really helps too, if that is an issue.

I used the lat pull-down movement in Domenic Micheli’s “Pull-Up Strength: The Missing Link” article ( ) as a supplemental/assistance exercise. It really helped to strengthen my upper lats, which were weak and held me back during pull-ups, and allowed me to learn how to “pull through the lats” with more control and at a lower intensity than bodyweight movements.

The parameters I used was 6x8, performed twice a week, and I started to feel more power in my primary session pulls and chins after two weeks. When that program was done I would sometimes perform 1-2 sets of the exercise to activate my lats prior to bodyweight pulls.

I think the best way to get good at doing pullups is to actually do pullups.
Plenty of good programs to help get the numbers up but a simple method is rest pause.
Say you want to do 5 sets of 5 but 5 is the max you can do for 1 set. Do 3 strict reps then stop for 10 seconds. Do 2 more if you can or 1 pause then another.

Wait 2 minutes then do it again. The number in a row wont matter as much as long as you get the 5.
I use to think it was better to belt out as many as possible but the problem with that is you wont be able to do hardly any on the following sets.
I now think the extra volume is of more value until you can do say 10 -12 strict reps.

I would also recommend changing grips often as they can cause havoc on the elbows but not everyone has this problem . Changing grips will still work wonders for your lats, biceps and forearms.
Most people will find the wide pronated grip (palms down) to be the most difficult. Neutral grip next plus this grip is great if you do experience a cranky elbow . With supinated grip (palms up) the easiest. Sometimes you may do a set of each in that order and you’ll find it advantageous towards the end with the easier grip.

Changing gips, tempos, and extended sets are my favorite. Also, look into using TRX rows in the vertical plane.