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Assistance Exercises


Other than Sn, CnJ and Fs. what kind of, if any, assistance exercises do ye do?


I also do back squats, GHR, strict presses, push presses, rack jerks, chins, rows, reverse hypers, good mornings, glute bridges, and some form of deadlift every few weeks. I don't do all of these exercises all of the time, some come and go and some are mainstays.

Also, this isn't to say that all of these are necessary if your only interest is to get your Olift total as high as it can possibly be, but I personally have other goals that lie outside of Olifting and so I devote some time to those as well.



There are other exercises? :stuck_out_tongue:

Beginner I did a LOT OF EXERCISES

Hang Sn
Hang Cl
Hang Power Sn
Hang Power Cl
Block Sn
Block Cl
Block Power Sn
Pull to mid thigh
Sn/ Cl Pulls
Rack Jerks
Power Jerks
Behind the neck Jerks
Sn Balances

Front and Back Squat, DL, Dips, Pull ups, chins, bench press, push ups, rdls, curls, military press and anything else under the son to get general strength up as a skinny 15yr.

Now my assistance is FS. I do glute ham raisers and occasionally wide grip pull ups and thats it.

Best assistance exercise is the FS. I should have realised this 12yrs ago.



back squat.

Anything that I think WILL help with technique. This will usually be one exercize at a session at the most and I almost always do the full lifts as well.

back raises, abs work
if I had a ham raise machine I'd probably use it a bit as well

Sometimes push pressing or pressing, but its getting more and more rare.

And last it also depends on injuries... if injured I'll do something different. Right now as I'm slowly getting back into it, I can do more lower back and upper back stuff, plus pressing and such.

Ideally I'd work with snatch, c&j, back and front squat and some back/abs to stay healthy and eventually stop the back squat and much later stop the front squat as well. But I'll never reach the point of not needing the front squat and I'm not sure if I'll ever reach the point that I'll only need front squat as well...


Quite often: back squats, snatch pulls, clean pulls
Less often: jerks from blocks, push presses
Occasionally: RDLs, pull ups


Power snatch, power clean
snatch and clean grip RDL's (only once a week if that)
Front squat, back squat

I've been seein some good stuff out of training the power versions and squats by takin a page out of louie's book and doin a dynamic effort type of workout twice a week. On these days I choose a power sn. or a power clean and do 12 doubles on the minute, then do the same with the back squat or front squat. I use basically the same 3 week wave he does seems to be working well


Back squats, RDLs, shoulder pre-hab/rehab stuff, back raises, hang lifts, clean pulls.


Breakfast FS
Lunch FS
Dinner FS


PS FS more


to be fair i did say OTHER than front squats :confused:


Back Squats, Snatch & Clean Pulls, Power Snatch & Clean, Chinups and sometimes Benchpress.


I know what you said. Just to hightlight that there is NO OTHER assistance :smiley:

I have my views and my lifters follow this.

Breakfast FS
Lunch FS
Dinner FS


PS FS more


From my perspective, the assistance lifts would depend upon the lifter's weaknesses. After a friend's meet, where he did 90/118, I sat down with him to write his next 12 weeks of training. We both agreed that he needed more posterior chain, and more speed. Therefore, we programmed lots of snatching and snatch variations, squatting for triples for speed (shooting for 3 reps in 3-5seconds), and training lots of posterior chain (through glute-ham, snatch grip romanian deadlifts with chains, etc). The result? He's snatching over 100kg now.

For myself, my best snatch (61kg) is far below my best clean (95kg). Therefore, for my next few programs I will be focusing more on the snatch and its variations.

What I'm trying to say is that assistance lifts should be individualized. Compare your clean to your snatch and see if you need more strength or speed and adjust accordingly.