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Assistance Exercises

I had made some real good gains a few years back by using a powerlifting program. I want to start again but can’t seem to find information as to when to work my assistance exercises. Should I do them the same day I am doing my main power exercises?

Hell yes! Do the lifts you want to specialize on, then do your assistance exercises later in the workout. On the assistance exercises, use more reps than the main lifts. eg if you do 2-4 reps on bench press, do 6-8 on skullcrushers ore dips, etc. As the assistence exercises become less specific, use more reps.

Check out www.deepsquatter.com, go to archives, it has a ton of powerlifting info!!!

Read Dave Tate’s stuff here at T-mag.

Yes, do your supplemental lifts on the same day, make sure you pick lifts that work your weak points.