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Assistance Exercises to Build Core

Hey guys: I’m a skinny fat middle age guy who (right now) is extremely weak (see log if interested) but who is determined to get stronger. I’m on 5/3/1 and have Rippetoe’s Staring Strength book. I’m beginning to see that advancement on the (Military) barbell press and Squat is going to require a much stronger core, and my core right now is way too weak.

I don’t have a lot of ideas for assist moves to build core strength, but I found a copy of my gf’s Oxygen Magazine and it suggests the following to build abs: roman-chair sit ups , reverse crunch on a bench, bench crunches, and knee tucks (done sitting across a bench).

Will this work? Any other suggestions for assistance core exercises or lifts?

Great site. Thanks.

Anything that doesn’t hurt and allows you to make progress. Roman chair situps with a db in your hands, leg raises could work, cable crunches, ab wheel rollouts. Anything that works. Front squats are great for your “core” as well.

It’s great that you’ve started lifting, keep it up!