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Assistance Exercises Question


Does it matter for an assistance exercise to be usefull to work the targetted muscle in the same way the major exercise do?

For example, are tate press better than skullcrusher to train bench?
Military press, or even front raises better than dumbell press (with elbows to the sides)?


Don't do any exercise just to do it, or because someone else is doing it. You should be able to justify every aspect of your training plan, or it shouldn't be included.

Understand that many successful lifters do little if any assistance work at all. If you include an assistance lift, you should have a clear understanding of how it is going to help with one or more of the powerlifts, directly (strengthening a weak portion of the lift or strength quality,) or indirectly (building needed muscle mass, improving work capacity so more training can be tolerated). Once you're clear on what you want out of your assistance work this kind of question should take care of itself.

As an example, if you're weak off the floor with your deadlifts but can rack pull a ton, some front squats and russian deadlifts/good mornings might be a useful addition. If your bench is weak off the chest, in addition to more bench volume, some pause benches, overhead work, and maybe some dumbbell work could help.

Just be careful about displacing your work on the powerlifts with assistance. First and foremost you need to practice your skills to get better at them, so don't lose sight of that. Use assistance to assist, not to drive your program.

Good luck


Thanks a lot

Actually, i never train my front delts and I think it's limiting me for bench.
And finally my question is, if i work my front delt laterally with dumbell vertical press, it will help the bench which use a front movement(like front raises).

To sum up, are there angles in the delt like in chest, or will dumbell vertical perss increase my front raise power and thus help me benching?




Interesting, i was wondering a few times now how the front squat effects the deadlift - FSQ is my main squat. What's a russian deadlift. I suppose i'll just google it. :slightly_smiling:


That's exactly what I thought. I've heard of a "Romanian" deadlift. I looked it up and all I found were some videos said to be Russian deadlifts on youtube that looked to me to be straight forward deadlifts. Don't know what's Russian about them.

Maybe you perform them pissed on Vodka? and superset them with queueing for potatoes?

Apologies for the cliche'd rascism.


For what i quickly read its a stiff legged deadlift.


Did he mean romanian deads? Might be a typo


Stiff-legged goodmornings have been called Russian deadlifts, if I'm not mistaken.