Assistance Exercises on the 4 Big Lifts

I just read the article How I Added 100 Pounds to My Deadlift in 2 Weeks . I don’t expect to add 100 pounds to my deadlift any time soon but would like to eventually. I am trying to build a program based on Coach Thib’s idea’s and how he recommends putting a program together. Basically Monday - Overhead press and assistance, Tuesday - Squat and assistance, Thursday - Bench and assistance and Saturday- Dead and assistance. What I am looking for is people’s favorite assistance exercises in each lift. What assistance exercises have people found to help them build their strength in each of these main lifts?

Thanks guys!

Bench → Paused bench, incline bench, close grip bench etc.
Deadlift → Stiff-legged deads, Romanian deads, front squats and barbell rows
Squat → Paused squats, front squats
Press → Switching to seated pressing + dumbbell press

Choosing your assistance work boils down to what you actually need to accomplish to improve your lifts. In many cases, a secondary session of the same exact movement per week is great.