Assistance exercises for power Olympic lifts

There is only a minimal squat (1/4) under the bar in power cleans and power snatches. Thus would clean grip dead lifts and snatch grip dead lifts be better assistance lifts for power cleans and power snatches than back squats and front squats? For power jerks is the military press the best assistance exercise? Ideally one could do both dead lifts and squats but with limited time and energy it is not possible.

Yes, while there is only a 1/2 to 1/4 squat remaining once you catch a high power clean/snatch, you have to ask yourself: How did the weight get there in the first place? Obviously, the musculature involved in deep squatting is involved in getting the bar that high in the first place. Hence, squats are a big secondary exercise for O-lifting. But, deadlifting with the various grips is as well. The answer is that you’re going to have to periodize and plan which assistance exercises you use. For example, in a microcyle where you’re doing full cleans or power clean, you might include a matching deadlift. If, however, you were doing high-pulls that microcyle, you might want want to incorporate squatting.

Thanks Ike. On a side note what sort of ratios should there be between exercises? Power Snatch/Power Clean + Power Jerk = 5/6th? Power Clean (Power Snatch)/Clean Grip Deadlift (Snatch Grip Deadlift) = 3/4th 1/2th? Will too much heavy lifting on deadlifts or squats slow you down or is this just bunk?

I wouldn’t try to buy into any of that ratio bunk, those sorts of thinks are simply too individual to generalize. Regarding heavy squats and deads, they will -in no way- slow you down. Recall that speed strength is largely based on maximal strength, so work on getting your lifts up using low reps.

I stopped doing cleans and snatches for a month, but did romanian deadlifts from a box with both clean and snatch grips. I full cleaned 175x5 and now I can power clean 190x5, and my snatches went from 115x4 to 135x3 (my technique still needs work) because my first pull was so much stronger. My hamstring workout was normally 8x5 clean grip deadlifts and 6x5 snatch grip deadlifts, every 5 days. I only squatted twice, so I guess there is a lot of carryover.

I was just wondering if ratios were of any use just as a guide. I can clean grip dead lifts 2 times what I can power clean maybe more if I push it. Does this indicate that I may have any imbalances between strength and power?

Wow, that is quite a bit stronger. Is that using a dual overhead/pronated grip with the deadlifts? Either way, what that seems to tell me is you need to just practice your cleans more and work on your explosiveness.