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Assistance Dips During BBB 6 Week Challenge?

Would doing bodyweight 3 x 10 dips without going to failure on upper body days as an assistance impede the progression during BBB 6 weeks challenge? If it will have a negative impact on the plan I am not going to mess with it. Every comment is appreciated. Thank you,


I did the 3 month challenge and it gets very difficult! I couldn’t imagine adding dips.

I agree I would stay away from adding a ton of extra pushing movements when already doing BBB. Think about it from a balance perspective. You’ll need to balance all that pushing with pulling movements. If you are doing 80 or more reps of pressing moves a workout are you going to shoot for 80 to 160 reps worth of pulling movements each workout as well?

That’s a ton of volume and doesn’t even included your main 5/3/1 exercise for the day. Plus I love face pulls and other simple moves like band pull aparts, and while they add easy volume to your pulling moves that lack the same loading capacity that other more complex moves work.

My point being for me doing 100 band pull aparts to go along with 80 pressing reps isn’t equal volume to me. The loads used on dips and other presses is so great that the volume (load and reps) will never be equal. So if you did 80 reps worth of chins and DB rows plus then another 80 reps of face pulls each workout on top of your dips, your BBB move and your 5/3/1 lift then things would be more balanced. Good luck doing all that in one workout. You may need 8 scoops of plazma ha.
(And no I don’t think you have to balance push pull volume in each workout just through the training cycle but it’s a hell of a lot easier then trying to add up your volume for the whole week and see if its evening out)

Jim has a ton of info on how to cycle your assistance work on his personal forum. I highly recommend checking it out. The amount of knowledge shared on their is really terrific.

Thank you both for your opinions. Could you please explain me how I can access his forum? By the way, I do 5 x 10 rows or chins on upper body days, as it is outlined, so sets wise speaking, I do 8 sets of push (5/3/1 + BBB) and 5 sets of pull each upper body day. I am definitely going to take your opinion seriously, but wanted mention that there is no big difference in terms of balance. If I add dips however, yes the difference would get bigger, but not sure if it would make a huge difference in regards to balance. Just speaking balance wise, since this was your main point.

Go over to Jims website. jimwendler.com. It’s a paid forum he has through his own site. It’s only like 5 bucks though and there’s a ton of training info on there. It’s well worth it.

And sets don’t tell the whole story. Think of total reps. So you’re doing at least 80 total reps of presses (50 reps for BBB and another 30 reps for your dips) 5x10=50 3x10=30. So just to even things out you’d need to do 80 total reps of pulls so maybe 5x10 on chins or row and another 3x10 on some other pulling move. Could be 3x10 on curls to even out flexion at the elbow.

Now say maybe do 100 Total reps of band pull aparts between your 5/3/1 pressing move.

A1 Bench 5/3/1
A2 band pull aparts 100 total reps

B1 Bench BBB
B1 chins 5x10

C1 dips 3x10
C2 curls 3x10.

It’s doable but that could be a lot of volume especially if you are actually pushing the 5/3/1 sets.

I might say drop the BBB and do 5x5 first set last and do the dips for 5 sets of 10 or do the BBB as is and drop the dips and do just some basic pipe work like curls and Tricep Pressdowns super setted at the end.

Just my two cents. Remember you can’t do everything in every workout. Focus your effort in one area (either pushing 5/3/1 or pushing the BBB sets or pushing the assistance work. Trying to do massive volume in all three parts of the workout is just going to most likely bury you.

Also remember you can switch templates and should switch after a few cycles anyway. So hit the BBB stuff for a couple of cycles then push the 5/3/1 sets for two cycles then push the assistance stuff for a couple of cycles (all while doing the bare minimum for the others during those cycles).

Just my two cents. But definitely check out the forum

I most certainly will. Thank you for the help.

I would say depends on your shoulder health and posture: if both are stellar then fine, if not wont hurt to give them a miss for the 6 weeks

I am 18, they are fine. Thank you for helping.

18 year olds are good at asking questions, but not so good at listening. I’ve been there and I look back and see what an absolute fucking moron I was. Imagine if I would’ve have listened!

While it isn’t going to kill you, your time is better spent doing something like rear laterals, face pulls and rows. Not everything is a free-for-all when you are 18. At your age, I assume you are bounding? Because if you want to know how to get fucking strong and fast, THAT is the answer.

I laugh when the jabroni’s say “front squats” or “pause squats” or “pause benches” - if you want the big picture and actually something that works, you should be bounding, not worrying about dips.

But then again, what the fuck do I know? I’m old.

I will be good at listening to you. Thank you for making me get my mind right.