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Assistance/Conditioning for Original 5/3/1 + Jokers

In the forever book I didn’t see a section for just the original 5/3/1 + PR sets + jokers. The closest I can find to that would be PR set + jokers + FSL, which seems to have the following guidelines:

push: 50-100 reps
pull: 50-100 reps
single leg/core: 50-100 reps

2-3 days hard conditioning
3-5 days easy conditioning

I assume I would want to stick w/ the 3/5/1 programming & only do joker sets on weeks 1 & 3 (1-3 reps each at 5-10% increase). If I cut out the FSL would 4 days of hard conditioning be ok? What about the assistance?


the original is in the book with 2 variations. Jokers aren’t mentioned, but they are up to you. If you’re doing jokers, you should know why you are doing them and what purpose they serve.

As for the FSL, I liked “the original option 2” from Forever; check that variation out as the amount of volume has been perfect for me. Basically your bottom set for 10 reps, and your top set for at least 10 reps. It’s awesome, just make sure your TM is low enough to hit 10 solid reps @95%.

Also, in terms of leaders & anchors I assume this would work:

leader: original w/ 3/5/1 programming, PR set, jokers weeks 1 & 3
anchor: original 5/3/1 w/ PR sets

you got it backwards…

leader would be higher volume, less intensity
anchor is lower volume, higher intensity.

so you would:
leader: original 3/5/1 with PR set and maybe some FSL work (3-5 sets or a supplemental lift)
anchor would be 3/5/1 with PR set + jokers,

I do this:
leader original 3/5/1, but on the first set I do 10 reps, and on the last set I do 10 reps, 0-100 push/pull/single-leg or core

anchor I do 3/5/1 + pr set + jokers on 3 and 1 week, 5’s pro on 5’s week, 0-100 push/pull/single-leg or core

I am trying to exclude the FSL work, mainly for time reasons.

makes sense - that’s why you can do 10 reps on the first set and have a goal of 10 reps on the final set. That way you’re still getting in your “fsl” work by doing 10 instead of 5 reps on the first set.

ya I plan on doing option 2 for some cycles as well

I call it 10-5-5/3/1