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Assistance Check: Too Much?

I have just started Volume and Strength template from Forever book (p84) and I wanted to make sure I am not doing too much.
So as you know, Volume and Strength is a 3 times a week template.
I decided to run it with FSL For the Bench Press and for the Deadlift and replace the middle day Bench Press with Press FSL.

My assistance for Monday are :
Push : Triceps Ext - 50 Total Reps
Pull : Bicep Curls - 50 Total Reps
Single Leg / Core - 3x12 B.Split Squats (Not heavy)
3x8 GHR (Body Weight)

Alot of volume from the FSL Bench and 100 Rows so I end it with arm work.
Added extra volume for legs, Not too heavy or taxing but don’t know if it’s smart.

My assistance for Wednesday :
Push - 50 total Dips (Maybe weighted ? I am not sure, can do 25 BW Dips with out too much of a problem)
Pull - 50 total Pull ups (Between Shoulder Press FSL, changing grip each set)
Single Leg / Core -
AB Work and Prowler Push.

My assistance for Friday :
Push - 50 total Push Ups (I am not sure if to do somethinf more taxing)
Pull - 50 total Pull ups (Grip change every set)
Single Leg / Core -
AB Work and Prowler Push.

Would you change something ? what would you do ? Just to get more ideas.

If I was doing that program, I wouldn’t worry about the dips and pushups being too easy. I think the point of that template is that it’s brutally simple & specific to the powerlifts. And very hard. No need to worry about assistance beyond balance

Thank You, That’s why I decided to start with 80%TM
and go for a bodyweight push-ups, dips and pull-ups.
Just wondering about the lower body.
how do you guys do it ? just start a program and then adjust the assistance work / conditioning every week depend on how you feeling that day ? or everything is planned?

With regards to exercise selection and assistance I wouldn’t overthink it. Jim has written that it’s not a problem changing the assistance exercises from workout to workout.

You can either roll with that or say, pick an exercise for three weeks and then swap (leaving you something to look forward to if you are wired like that).

I wouldn’t use a lower TM than prescribed but that’s just me and how I work.

I’d consciously plan an idea out so that if you get feedback from your body it isn’t working you’ll be able to mindfully make a change. Eventually you’ll accrue experience and what you plan will work.

FWIW, if you use an 85% TM I wouldn’t do dips or biceps curls and instead opt for full-range plate raise and band pull-aparts. The latter you can just sprinkle in between sets. Those sessions look like they’d take long enough as is.

I’d try to get all 50 reps for triceps extension in three sets and increment weight once you can.

Single-leg/core: I’d just do 50 walking lunges or ab work (ab work I’d do in between sets)

100 rows will tax your arms :wink:

I chose 80% because I want to be sure that even on less successful days I can lift my TM to 3-5 reps without a problem (as Jim noted).

I will listen to your advice on the 50 reps of the triceps within 3 sets. And I will replace the biceps with a band pull apart.

I will stay with the body weight Dips for a while and if I see it bothering me to recover I will make a change.

Thank you for your comment !

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I have my assistance that a prefer in general, if that counts as planning, but if the barbell stuff is beating you up, there’s no shame in changing course.